Winnipeg, MB 

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   

Location:  100 Ruines du Monastereoff of rue de Trappiste, St. Norbert   {Map Directions}    St. Norbert Arts Center,

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Wednesday, January 25

  • Tony & Gong
    Tony & Gong
  • Hollie & Miriam
    Hollie & Miriam
  • Lorraine & Hollie
    Lorraine & Hollie
  • Hollie playing Crystal Bowls
    Hollie playing Crystal Bowls
  • Hollie Andrew
    Hollie Andrew
  • Hollie
  • Rezih
  • Hollie
  • Miriam
  • Karen
  • Miriam & Debbie
    Miriam & Debbie
  • Suzanne
  • Shirley Ewanchuk
    Shirley Ewanchuk
  • Tanis
  • Shirley Ewanchuk
    Shirley Ewanchuk
  • Marilyn,, Dee, Rose, Lorraine
    Marilyn,, Dee, Rose, Lorraine
  • Rose & Bev
    Rose & Bev
  • Tanis & Karen
    Tanis & Karen
  • Jan & Ilena
    Jan & Ilena
  • Craig
  • Jacques playing the piano
    Jacques playing the piano
  • Bedelia
  • DEE
  • Emily & John
    Emily & John
  • Jayne
  • Stewart

Click on the poster below for the list of names of the Healers, Readers and Practitioners. 



Jacques N


Hollie Andrew and Tony Bishop take turns leading our regular Thursday evening meditations, although occasionally, someone else might be asked to lead if one of them is away. Together, they offer the unique crystal bowl healings that are scheduled, by appointment, for Wednesday afternoons.

Hollie Andrew

Plays the Crystal Bowls and offers

Crystal Bowls Private Sessions 

Hollie is the only original Keeper of The Sanctuary who is still actively involved in the day-to-day running of the Centre. She acts as the archivist of past information,

keeps the finances, makes appointments for crystal bowl healings and other specific events, rents out the studios, books people in who want to rent our space for an evening or a day, and is generally the contact person for much of the Sanctuary’s business. She plays the crystal bowls at most meditations, along with various other team players like Jacques, Tanis, or Jillian.

Tony Bishop

Channels Messages & Plays the Gong

Assists with Crystal Bowls Private Sessions

Tony has had a long association with The Sanctuary, answering Spirit’s call to come to be part of the centre. His spiritual practice has been life-long and deep, so he offers us a personal connection with several Archangels and other enlightened Beings. Tony brings to each meeting a channeled message to help guide us in our further growth and understanding. He sees auras, can cleanse them for people, and is sensitive to energy fields around each of us. He plays the gongs as the bowls are played, supporting with its masculine vibrations the feminine frequencies of the bowls.