Outsourcing Service
We not only provide global clients with complete, flexible and scalable high quality IT services, but also ensure that these services can adjust to the continuous change of businesses and technologies based on various information technologies. The experienced management and technical experts and many interactive models we have lay a solid foundation for various services that concentrate on clients.  Main Products

1. Hardware Technologies
●FPGA Development: SMD products, FW series, BTS products, etc.
●DSP Development: S3G BTS DCT, EULSCD, S3G commercial evaluation tool, etc.
●Firmware Development: FW series, VTE units, etc.

2. Terminal Technologies
●Terminal Development:SIP phone, WIFI phone, Symbian terminal, Android terminal

3. Access Technologies
●Wired Access: GE-PON_ONU, OLT system testing, quality certification testing
●Wireless Access: RNC, IP-RNC, (eNodeB), etc.

4. Core Network Technologies
●L2 Switch Test: FW series, SMD products, EE equipment, etc.
●Routers Equipment Development: SI-R, IPCOM equipment, etc.
●VoIP Equipment Development: IPPF, MGCS, PCTX products, etc.

5. Application Technologies
●Computerization system (for JOC enterprises)
●Network Optimization (for China Telecom CDMA communication system)


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