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April 2016 Messages

Sun. April 3 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear Ones of the Sacred Sanctuary;

Yes, it is very ‘sacred’ because of you. You have created a holy place of healing vibration. It is important that you honour this with respect at all times. Yes, this is your creation. When two or more gather in love a vibrational frequency is created, where the Trinity Of Life – Love, Joy and Peace, is present.

Life is everything. It is consciousness of ‘all that is’. So to explain Life in your terms of reference visualize it as a giant computer. Every diode, electrode, memory units and other parts all have a role to play. Each separate part contributes to the whole, and creates one efficient computer. Life, similar to the computer, is not static. It is an ever expanding consciousness continually adjusting to change. When some parts react slowly the whole system must adjust and ‘boost’ some power to that place. This brings the whole system back into vibrational balance.

The Sanctuary is a very significant ‘booster unit’. It is important that it is maintained at its highest efficiency. This is the main reason for the upgrade and redesign of the meditation and healing area. Last week the surge of vibrational energy was right on time for certain adjustments to happen.

“We are One”, as I have said, and I am One with the Father. You are One with me. In other words we are “One in Spirit”. The vibrational level on earth is now so much higher that when I was in a physical body. When you consider the terms “Father of All” or “Holy Father”, they convey a nice sentiment, but are not as relevant in this day and age. They have been very misunderstood over time, as words have a tendency to do.

These words are charged with a very high frequency to maintain the right level of vibration in your midst. Then you, as a collective unit, boost this energy to the grid. This serves the whole of humanity. Also, there is a reserve of high frequency energy that lingers in the vortex, and serves to maintain the quality and vibration of the energy in The Sanctuary.

On Sunday afternoons during the meditations you share Love, Joy and Peace, this Trinity of Life. 

Also, after the ‘boost’ on you also project this Trinity in its highest vibrational frequency. Yes, although, you are earth bound beings your vibrational energy is continually broadcast like seeds scattered in the wind, falling where they may, and taking root in the most unlikely places.


Thurs. April 7 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear People of the Light and Darkness;

Let’s consider light and darkness, good and bad . These are the normal ideas of life on Planet Earth, where the middle ground of acceptance is not given any notice, because there is no sensation in this. So much of the life is focused upon sensation. Even the weather is forecast is so that people react, arousing their sensations. For many people, the idea of a calm peaceful life, is filled with fear. The media keeps a steady flow of sensational events broadcast on a regular basis to fill this need for drama.

As you gather here tonight you have made a choice to be in an atmosphere of peace. As you join hand in hand invite the calm from the other realms to assist you. The drumming acts as a releasing mechanism. It opens a way to release the tension created by the world of sensation. The gentle bowls bring about a balance, and the vibration of the gong creates harmony within. Eventually you are ready to relax, and find the inner calm.

It is wonderful that you have created this sanctuary for yourselves, and you so readily share with all those who hunger for peace of mind. Do not condemn the world of sensation because it is where experience is created. It is this experience that you chose when you entered the physical form. Every experience leads you to accept yourself, as you are, the divine presence of life. This journey that you are on is all about expansion. Every experience expands your consciousness, and you become more aware that you are part of the whole of creation, one in spirit.

As you accept yourself your become more in balance. Then you can accept yourself in the moment and not judge yourself as good or bad. This creates a state of peacefulness, instead of chaotic behaviour which is caused by judging yourself too much.

Love is acceptance. All else is the misunderstanding of what love really means. When a person falls in love for the first time he or she accepts everything about the other person. He or she is in a state of acceptance. Apply this to yourself. Fall in love with yourself. See your inner beauty. Feel inner contentment. Accept yourself as the perfect being which you truly are. Allow yourself to experience and always accept life and love in its ever changing ways.

May love be your guide,

Archangel Michael


April 10, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Ulysses of the Guard, Council of Elders

I am Ulysses of the Guard, Council of Elders

Greetings to you all, be at peace with yourself, as you let go of all your worrisome thoughts, for they are a denial of who you are.

Be clear of mind as you consciously invite heart-soul presence into your life. Yes to love you as if it where your first encounter with the divine you,  the creator of your world of experience.

Let love settle into your mind as you create your day, moment by moment and joy will be the outcome that you live by.

It is when you doubt yourself that unhappiness takes over to fret over every little thing is the outcome of doubt. When self-acceptance of the divine presence of you is peace,  living in the moment free to be truly you,  and why not for it is your birthright,  for love is yours when acceptance is seen in every act of your creation as perfect free of judgement then free of guilt and fear, for theirs only occur when denial of your true state of being as the divine aspect of Creation, at one with all.

Get over being little you, a person of no account,  wakeup to your magnificence and wow look at me the lover of life and accepting the multiple facets of me in all life reflected back for me to see my creation.  And there it is doubt that can’t be me, you say.

So stay small if you wish for it is your choice yet maybe take a peek at this other choice of who you can be,  if you can accept love of you in a magnificent creation of one in the multiple facets that form the one in spirit.

Remember your body is just a temporary vehicle for you to experience separation, and its time to put your mind to work in co-operation with your heart-soul. The soul being essence of life or for some God presence,  to let go of body and become more conscience of the real you and to see you in every person as you bring the multiple facets into acceptance of the one in you.

Love in you will find the way to the love of all. 

 Love is the answer 


Ulysses of the Guard, Council of Elders


April 14, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear People of the Sanctuary,

Here you are once more seeking love, peace and joy in this holy place of Sanctuary. This sacred place has been created by everyone who has entered these walls. The spirit of love and acceptance is creating and transmitting a vibrant message far beyond your beautiful planet earth. This is awakening an idea from long ago. This idea is ever expanding and evolving in you so much more than you could ever imagine.  Even though many of you resist accepting your Devine nature it is beginning to come into fruition in this holy place. The idea is, “Love is the answer.” This is an uplifting and hopeful idea, that Love can be the answer to every wish. It is an idea that opens your mind to infiniteness. Sometimes a wish is a prayer to your inner consciousness that fulfills all of your desires. It awaits your request in humble acceptance of your Divine Presence in Life.

At the essence of you is the desire for self- realization. Open your mind to a Love that has no past or future. Let this Love be present in you, filling the moment of all you are. Yes, feel this Love, right now in this experience at the Sanctuary. You have all the potential to bring peace and harmony into your inner ‘sanctuary’. This is shared in common with all who are present this evening. No you may go forth seeding the universe with the Love idea into unlimited expansion. Accept your world, your perfect world of experience. Consider earth as a Divine gift, a place where you can achieve self-realization in an environment of loving acceptance.

Tonight embrace unconditionally your wonderful world of experience, unique to you. You have the freedom to choose a non-judgemental attitude. In this structured existence you can find love in obvious chaos. So ‘love yourself home’ by the miracle of loving acceptance. The Sanctuary is one of the places where it is safe to love unconditionally. There is a sense of peaceful acceptance within each of you. We are all ‘One’, in spirit, not separate. If you believe you are separate then you will feel lonely. The Sanctuary is a holy place, your Soul place, inclusive, 

as One in Love.

Archangel Michael


Sunday April 17 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear Light Beings,

Be at peace, enjoy this day as it is,  let the rain be a delight as it brings about growth for the Earth that comes back to you in so many ways.  Be open to everything as if it was a gift to you.  So often you don’t see the many gifts in your life, due to preconceived ideas, to form an opinion prior to actual knowledge being gained.

During much of lives wonderful gifts are squandered by preconceived ideas in the very small things to the very big ones. Open heart is an open mind, that leads to delightful moments all day long, so be of open heart and live life to the full even when itis a dull day that seems overcast by clouds and rain.

Love embrace’s life in all that it offers for love only see love as be a lover of all life and have fun singing the song of joy free of judgement like singing in the rain with dance in your stride. And all it takes is a change in how you perceive life with all its ever changing ways.

And as usual love is the answer to everything, for love of you drives out the storm clouds in the mind of fear, to loving acceptance of you.  This can be a lot easier when you can accept your divinity.

Be brave and accept your true self and love of you will be as normal as breathing. Let go of all those preconceived ideas that lacked knowledge without loves guidance.  Love is the answer to self-realization.


Love you into love where the true self is awaiting you as the divine creator in all the multiple aspects that make up the one love.


Archangel Michael


Thurs., April 21, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Be alive in the moment.

Be alive to you, conscious of every moment that you create, for it is your co-creation that you co-create with everyone, note everyone, so easy to say, yet it is inclusive of the One, the collective of all. Be aware of how you are creating each moment and accept it as your own, instead of blaming something outside of you for when it goes wrong.

It is your world and everyone’s creation. As you gather here this evening forming a collective of One, you are consciously creating loving acceptance at the heart center with everyone. When two or more gather in love anything is possible. It is the heart where you come together as One, not the mind. It is not often that two minds come to an agreement. At the heart-soul there is always a agreement. At the heart-soul is the One consciousness. This is why love of you is so important in bringing everyone into the soul consciousness.

Self-love is where all love begins in the One of spirit. It is this love of the Divine Presence within that is a universal connection to all Life. It is the conscious acceptance of your divinity where love begins as love in spirit. The more accepting you become of your divine self, do you become the conscious creator of a world at One in spirit. To see this world as perfect in every way creates peace of mind, free of fearful judgement. It is important to be in perfect acceptance of a perfect creation where only love lives in self-acceptance of you in the collective of One.

Peace comes from within your heart-soul. As you become more conscious love, peace and joy you are more peaceful and accepting of everyone. Inner joy is so contagious to every heart. Let the joy of self-acceptance blossom forth embracing everyone you encounter. You are giving them a sense of love within, even for a moment. This could be life altering. What a gift you are when you are in love with you, as One with all being everyone.


Archangel Michael


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

In this moment of love and acceptance feel the peace surround you like a warm blanket on a cool day, Let this peace become a habit to live with for lovingly accepting all life in you creates a state of peaceful coexistence to love by, for this is the gift you can bequeath upon you for being you,  just as you are.

Everyone here is a unique being of light vibration, that sings its own song of love, yet when you gather here today you become a symphony of sound in perfect harmony,  doesn’t it feel so good that your heart is wide open with joy.

When two or more gather in love this symphony of unique frequencies blend into one magnificent out pouring of love.

Can you think of a greater gift you can give so much to so many? Now as this experience of love making is creating within you a deep understanding of the power of love expressed so freely creating inner freedom that allows the should to be heard in silence of the mind.

Freedom within creates outer freedom where the enslavement of humanity is apparent becomes lost in the inner security of love presence.

You can live in a world of fearful enslavement, quite free when you have inner freedom, braced on self-acceptance of your divinity of love personified.

Be the angel of love that can only see love.  That is the freedom you seek so be an angel and fly on gossamer wings, free to be you as to whatever you choose to be in loves embrace of you.

Truly loving you all



Thurs., April 28, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Holy be you,

So often the term ‘Holy’ is reserved for certain people that are judged to be special. However, everyone is holy in their own unique way of being ‘God in a Body’ experiencing life. Look carefully at everyone with caring eyes. See past the obvious and discover that holy person who is bringing balance into your life. When you feel tense or upset with a person, remember that this person reflects to you a misunderstanding you may have about yourself. This misunderstanding is created from a judgement you have made about them, which also indicates your view about yourself. Subsequently as you practice more self-acceptance, you are more accepting of others. You accept the God in You as One with All.

The idea of dividing the Divine creator of all Life is ridiculous. However, on planet earth, it appears that way. The challenge for everyone on earth is to accept the ‘One’ or Divine nature in everyone you meet.  When you incarnated into the physical form you chose to experience every facet of creation. Eventually you will bring this knowledge back to your divine source. Is this easy? No, not at all. Yet you are so close to achieving this by rediscovering you in the multiple facets of ‘You As One’ in human form. Eventually you become more loving and accepting of yourself as a spirit without division, as One with All.

Say each day, “I am as you are, one with all that is.”

This is the code to awakening. As you say this let your feelings of love expand. Then you will find yourself in the “I”.

This is the “I” that brings you home to you.

Archangel Michael