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August 2016 Messages

Sunday August 7, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear people of the light.
A blessing upon you from those who serve you. We are the memory of you that you put into place before  you entered into human form, knowing that at that moment of entering a time and separation experience you would require a lot of help as free will was the extra ordinary choice that you made. Imagine if you will, to allow a newborn to run the world well in a sense,  thats what happened. yet the safeguard was in place. as would be the case when you became responsible for your own newborn.
Now see how parenting has changed in recent times, as children are now developing so much earlier and calling on more respect and in many cases a child who has more knowledge than the parent yet lacking experience.

This shift into a new way of parenting is a reflection of how you are evolving in this evolution of human kind towards completion of this phase of experiential life, This is one of the most delicate phases in human history, where free will and knowledge come together and a balance is found. During this phase there is and there will be more so called conflict around your planet where those who choose to enter your world in great numbers to disturb the way of life that is in the long run bringing about balance, the end of polarity and loving acceptance become the norm.

Yes it always comes down to love, doesn’t it ? for love is all there is, all else was the journey to discover it. And what a journey its been and is for though you are close to completion you are not there yet.

Let it be known that small groups who gather like yours have and are creating balance in the world of chaos, holding it together while this extraordinary events unfold.

And it is also very important that you find balance in who you are accepting your as the Divine Presence One with all, in doing this you will find acceptance of everything much easier, knowing you are One with all,  and letting go of separation and embracing everyone as you, in this extraordinary experience of living in a body surrounded by matter.

Keep up the great work you are doing by being heart centred and opening the mind to the idea of love and acceptance and letting go of old ideas of doubt  that made fear real, and love doubtful. Live through love not through emotion and be free in pure loving acceptance, that is so joyful for emotion is denial of joy in your life and can create such sadness that leads to depression and who would want that. Well it is just and experience you may have chosen to live, so be it, for it can create so much love in another in helping love to return in conscious balance.

Love to you all
Archangel Michael


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Dear Ones of Spirit

Embrace each other in spirit every day.  Try to see you in everyone you meet, as yourself. Be delighted with your multiple expressions and diversity of person. Celebrate this with joy. It is when you see that crabby old person and because you have a sense of humour, you find it more amusing than annoying. Ask yourself; “Am I not a magnificent expression of the One Spirit that is everyone?”

Joy is that inner state of self-acceptance that comes from your soul, the Spirit of One, when love is the key ingredient to self-acceptance. Life is great when you have that sense of humour about you, especially every reflection you encounter every day. Have fun.  Enjoy yourself in your multipole expressions as the divine Presence of All That is.

Go a little farther in acceptance of all life. Accept the weather forecast with joy. Instead of viewing it as a disagreeable atmospheric condition, think, “Wow! Isn’t it a wonderful day of rain, or cold to hot, to damp!” Yes acceptance goes a long way for your happiness. Just stop and reflect upon how much the weather affects your mood. What about those pesky mosquitoes and flies. There are many annoying things that take you away from accepting things as they are. However, as you begin to enjoy life more, the easier life in a body becomes.

Once you start on the road to acceptance of you as the creator of all that happens every moment in your life then you stop blaming outside of you for everything thing that goes wrong. This is when you take charge of your creative power and life will be wonderful. Do not doubt yourself. Accept yourself as you are and take charge of your life. Try to be conscious of your every moment. Keep on trying and little by little you will live a life of your creation, with an attitude of acceptance for all.

Only self-love can bring happiness into your life. Then you gift everyone with love and joy bringing peace into life for everyone.

Archangel  Michael


Sun. Aug. 14 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Be at peace as you find love’s presence within.

What is it that you avoid about yourself? Do you deny who you truly are – an expression of the Divine Oneness? If you are unable to accept this about yourself, then you are unable to find peace in your life. Peace naturally comes to those who accept themselves as the Divine Presence of all that is. Most people only realize this at the end of their life when the spirit leaves the body. Why not live life to the fullest right now, and accept the truth about yourself.

You are a spiritual being experiencing life in a physical body. Your existence in a physical body is so real that you tend to ignore the other aspects of your being. For some it is difficult to believe that you could be the creator of your universe, the creator of your own physical body, and everything else that exists. Yet, this is the truth of who you are.

As you are in this moment of peace where love and acceptance is all around you, it is easier for you to understand this truth of your divinity. Let go of all those ideas about being ‘just a body’. Consider that you do not have to rely on some ‘god’ out there in the heavens to save you. You a ‘god’ in regards to creating your own reality, and being one with all there is.

It is very important that you let go of those old ways of thinking that you are just a helpless human being merely existing from day to day. Acknowledge the Divine Self. The next time you are afraid, go inward to find reassurance. Within you is the source that you seek. Life is you, and there is nothing outside of you. You are it!

Turn to the Divine Presence of you at all times. Make it a new habit to go within instead of reaching outwards away from the source of life. When you see a beautiful sunset, take it in and sense y our magnificence. Now here is a bigger challenge. When you see disasters do likewise. Recognize is as part of the overall plan helping you to recreate or reinvent yourself. Appreciate all of life as an expression of the Divine Oneness. Then you may walk if freedom, with love as your guide –

 for yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

Archangel Michael


Thursday, Aug 18 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Why? Where? When?

“Why, Where, When?” are the questions being asked. It is a period of movement.  So “Why?” Why are so many people moving? It is the settling of soul groups. It is necessary to listen to the Spirit of One within, and listen carefully. So much depends upon this movement. The evolution of human kind is preparing to evolve towards its desired destination, predetermined before time. Man is evolving from presence to matter bringing about a culmination of the final stage in ecological succession or to return to the source of whence you came.

So “Where?” Where is the source of all that is? Yet evolved and expanded far beyond its original idea, to so much more since the human experience is such a success, and to where is yet to be discovered as you recreate yourself from Presence to something much more than the physical experience of illusion. So as the illusion of matter disappears the door opens to your new creation, with a period of rest and digesting the experience to evolve towards a whole new way of being.
And “When?” When is in your hands, yet soon for once the movement of soul groups have settled down, that movement that ends all movements, to the end of time, to the moment of timeless bliss. Love is the source of bliss and infinity. Live light and travel light, spread the light, be the light.

Try to live intentionally from a state of love rather than reacting from your emotions. Emotion is a fear based experience, where love is sensible and stable. This leads to happiness and peace of mind from the source of the soul rather than the frightened mind that is disconnected from the source. Take a little time to observe how emotion takes you away from self-acceptance, and the acceptance of life all around you. Be the stable source of love and observe how it will calm down a situation when emotions are so out of control that they can lead to such self-destructive behaviour.

Love has no fear and no vengeance. Love is acceptance is the acceptance of everything and everyone.  As an ambassador of love, of loving acceptance you are changing the ‘world of fear’ to the ‘planet of love’. This releases all need and want, and once the mind finds love it can accept abundance. A fearful mind creates poverty, of lack of things in your life where there is never enough, and constant search for more. Let the mind open to the new idea of loving abundance, for ideas always expand into infinity of love, that lets go of fear.

Love is, as always the answer to everything, so live in the light of love creating peace and joy.

Your friend Michael

Archangel Michael


Sunday Aug. 21, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear People of the Light,

May you heart be open and your mind calm. Since the peace within as you become soul conscious, becoming in touch with the divine you rather than the chatter of the fearful mind. With a heart mind everything becomes so simple, it is so peaceful and relaxed. Isn’t this like the moment right now where it seems that there is but one heart beat in this circle of love where the acceptance of each other is so narwal.

And then you step outside to the world of judgement and so easily find that peaceful state has gone as if it never happened, yet it did and all it takes is a quick reminder of that moment of peace. When you do this you are recreating your moment and in doing so bring the peace and acceptance into the world. Now see how long you can stay conscious of your divine self and seeing only a world of love and oops something happen and there you are getting angry about some silly thing and its so easy to do this, for its when you forget who you are and have allowed and old tape from the past to play that says you are just a poor human that is so weak.

Let go and let it be as you play the new tape of love and acceptance. So how long did that take to become conscious once more. With practice you may be able to live in a peaceful state almost all the time once you have rewritten the old tape by finding the message of love that was hidden in to and only the heart-soul can reveal this. Right now you can begin to start this reprogramming from the soul to the old mind of hear of mistrust to one of calm acceptance of all of the past misunderstandings into the gift that life gave you in becoming you, who is perfect in the divine light of love.

Self love will bring you home to your true self as you discover you magnificence and begin begin to see this in everyone around you and you have found heaven, where its always been right here on Earth. Don’t stop there for you are the universe and are expanding and evolving in this moment of now in the One,  the One Spirit that you are.

It is here in the Sanctuary that can open mind to your true self as you experience the love in the One moment of now, as you meditate in freedom of spirit where there is no judgment on acceptance in love.



Thursday, August 25 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Peace be with you.

As peace surrounds you in mind and body in this Sanctuary of loving acceptance, reflect upon yourself. Let go of any doubts as to who you are. Be gentle as you learn to embrace all that you are and find the freedom to be yourself. Let go of any ideas of imperfection. Because of your multiple experiences of fear, of self-doubt, of uncertainty, and insecurity you were often fearful of yourself and everyone around you.  Keep your thoughts free of judgement and allow love to encompass every act of human behaviour. Judgement restricts your freedom to fully experience love as you, and see that reflected in everyone.

Feel love and compassion for all people. As you accept yourself more you will perceive others with love more often. All ideas that are love based are infinite. Express the joy of life in all you undertake. Let that idea keep on expanding into the experience of heaven on earth.

This may seem like a dichotomy. However, now you can step out of the world of experience, to one of spirit. You become soul-conscious. All the world experience has brought you to this point of rediscovering your true self. There is no hurry. Let it unfold gently as soul and mind reconnect. This will bring your sense of self-acceptance to a new level because you are embracing universal consciousness in the One of Life.

Gently love you back into life as the Divine Creator, to find the moment of now, in the stillness of the Divine presence. Gradually body consciousness fades away and soul presence becomes you in life without death. Let it happen. Do not try to do a thing because love will bring you home to you. Memories slip away and you find comfort in the now moment of eternal bliss. The mind is at peace in the soul’s presence. No more questions. Complete knowledge. This is bliss as the restriction of body slips away. The essence of you will remain as your unique frequency of the collective of all that you experienced in perfect peace.

Love, peace and joy will be your guide, to see you home, so relax and go with the flow of love’s sweet ride.

Peace be with  you,

Archangel Michael


Sunday Aug 28,  2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear People of the Light,

Of light and colour it would be wonderful for you to trust me who is seeing this in every moment it is the uniqueness of each of you, each one displaying their frequency of colour and sound in the One spirit that you are.

It is this image that you are unable to see at this time while you are experiencing separation in physical form, yet there you are magnificent being of crystalline beauty. Try to bring that image into your minds eye whenever you with to judge another for what they are doing or saying, for they are having their own unique experience of god in a body displaying their magnificence, this is how you find peace of mind, as soul and mind unite, let that image of who really are, begin to seep into you consciousness as you look beyond the physical and imagine everyone as god in a body, yet most of all in you.

As I loved in human form those many years ago, I went through the same struggles as you and very slowly found the sight of the true people of light just as many of you are if its just a glimpse of that light that shines around their head. That is the god light and when I first found it the teaching I had, had started me on my own journey of discovery, and at that time I was a little ahead of the times and had to be careful how and who I shared it with. Now with the higher vibrations you have created makes it so much easier. Yes I Jesus and many others opened the way for this to happen and yes I understand time and it does seem so long to achieve the god presence in you and everyone else, yet this is happening as a world wide event as the mind of hear give way to loving acceptance, of letting go of judgement, to see only love, what a relief it is as peace is found in every act free of judgement and beauty is revealed in the god person you see every day.

Be gentle with yourself as you let in the god light to shine, let it tingle you body into revealing who you are. This tingle is the first stage of letting go of density of body as it is filtered away through hands and feet, letting the god light be present, of course it was always there hidden in the density of experience, that was so important in the evolving expansion of spirit in this wonderful happening moment of time, that is really a single moment that was slowed down for it to be experienced  moment by moment, as you are creating it to experience life, for the evolution and expansion of the divine presence that is you recreating god in you.

Let love, let compassion lead yo into self acceptance to find the inner peace that you seek, for love is the only way to inner joy and contentment.