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November 2016 Messages

Sunday Nov. 6 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear People of Light,

It is your light that radiates outward all the time that is so beneficial to all who are in the shadow of doubt of fear and guilt. This is not a place of comfort and your light of unconditional love is the answer to their prayers.

Each of their so called lost souls is just as important as anyone else. For while you love in a polaric system of positive and negative that calls upon a balance this will continue. It is the acceptance of every person as they are that brings about balance and will end the polaric system of judgment that has held this experiential world together as long as it has.

Now is the age of acceptance. This where you light workers have such an important role to play and note the word ‘play’ for it is so important to be lighthearted and optimistic toward every event that happen in this drama of living on planet heart. Have fun as you bring your love light into all you do and say as you let the heart-soul speak, free of fear and filled with love. Every word spoken with love has a higher vibration that will reach past the fear. Stop thinking from the fearful mind and allow the spirit of love to take over. Life is simple in love so be not afraid to let the spirit of love guide you through this love life that you are creating moment by moment even when the body you are using is being such a pain. Your body reflecting the evolving moment you are in as this world is going through this evolving time as is the body for the body is part of that illusion of matter and what the planet is experiencing so is the body, as in this illusion of experience that is recreating Spirit in reality and Life will never be the same due to your heroic act of living in separation and forgetfulness.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel as you are awakening with the help of their messages that come from the memory you left, to remind you at the right time of who you are becoming through the Earth experience and the world you created. Oh! Divine Being of Light embrace the essence of you and let the body slip away as the illusion it is. Let love lead you home and trust be your companion, for there is nothing more precious than self-trust to bring you home to you.

Let the world of matter dissipate as you begin to see through the eyes of loving acceptance, worldly events are let go of and the light of love takes over for your eyes only see Love Peace and Joy in action, seeing past the illusion. Let it happen in its own time while trusting it will, that precious gift you gave yourself to move past the illusion into reality.


you friend forever


Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Dear Lovers,

 Love is the message tonight. It is so challenging because this word has been used is so many ways that its true meaning has become lost. For example: “I love my new car”; or “my new house” and so on.  So what is love? Love is a state of being who you are, and it embraces all life as you are; one with life without exception. Love has no conditions. It is an expression of unconditional acceptance of the self. This ‘self’ is one with all life coexisting with the multiple facets that are the collective of the Divine Creator at one in the sea of life.

Love sees only a perfect creation where everything is in order. Love is often forgotten and you become lost when there is chaos and judgement, which is very much of the human condition. This is why you are being called to reinstate love into your life and find your way home. You, the lover of self, are everywhere. Everyone is perfect. They are each one doing their part in recreating life, many in the most extreme ways. It takes definite courage to cope with being misunderstood and judged. These are the movers of life in the experiential world of matter. Like so many in your history they are held up as evil people. However, in truth they are creating a shift in human behaviour. Sometimes the evolving expansion of life becomes stuck in its belief systems and requires a kick in the proverbial ’butt’.

Oh how so many of you beautiful people hate to be moved out of your comfort zone. Then your get stuck in your ways. It I s so important to be a free spirit, instead of being a stogy body stuck in the past. Live in the moment of now, free to be you in love with the movement of spirit. Listen to the inner spirit of love and you will always be free and flowing with every experience that comes your way. Joyfully live in the moment.

That is love. It is simple.




Friday, Nov. 11, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Raphael

Now you are being called upon to truly be the Light. The shadows of the past are brought into light, free to be expressed openly for all of the people of the world to see, and in true revealing their hidden fears of hatred towards others. Thank you Donald Trump for revealing, and exposing the shadows within for so many. Now it is out in the light of the day for each person to be seen in love of a very different kind. There is only love all else is a misunderstanding and a denial of that aspect of love within so many. Let it out and be free. Otherwise it festers within poisoning into bitterness and causing harm to the physical body. Let your former ideas of right and wrong be gone. Open the self to unconditional love. Let it out. Let go of the fear of being you in complete acceptance of every aspect of you in love. Allow your new understanding of love to permeate everything that you do, think or say.

Do you see how fear has been hiding in places, which you have never even been revealed to yourself before? You can now freely let go of these fears.

As you celebrate this new found love within you, you may now do the light work that you chose to do when you became a physical being. Love as you have never loved before thought possible. And remember it must start from within, as self-acceptance. Then you may give freedom to everyone that you encounter. Open yourself to the One and embrace every soul in this wonderful world. Even the new souls that are rebirthing into a new age free of prejudice and overflowing with loving acceptance.

Thank you Donald, again, for the courage to reveal the shadow of fear within, and may the USA receive our thanks and love. Yes, the new love they helped to reveal that is different than the old way. This involved hiding in the social structure that is bound in the old tradition of good and bad, and of judgement that restrains the freedom of spirit. The new age is calling. You may be free I spirit and see with the eves of love and the old guard slips away. Let this be a peaceful event as it is lovingly put to sleep.

Love is the answer. Yes, it is! It is the only way to live. Every person is seen as a perfect being of the God Light, manifesting in human form, and that means everyone.

Archangel Raphael



Sunday Nov. 13 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Jesus

Blessing upon you

A blessing is a wish of good will of happiness and let this blessing wash over you, giving you sense of well-being. As we of The Council of Love join you today to receive your blessing upon us in this shared moment of love.

We bring you good news, to you, of worldwide events, for there is a rapid rise in the vibrational field around your planet. It is somewhat like a large cocoon that is wriggling to be free of the confines of matter, that physical form that is restrictive to that Divine Being the aspect of God.

We and the whole universe of life are with you, as you go through this metamorphosis of form to be transformed into an ethereal state you may call it celestial or heavenly.

This is due to events that are going on, throughout your Planet that are bringing about this event of joyous happening. Be joyful as the structures of government are slipping away. Do not worry this will not go into chaos more like a ripple that will open the way to your rebirth into spirit. So celebrate within as you let love lead the way for no harm will befall you as you move into the moment now and eternal peace.

When you may say, ‘When”, and we will say “Soon” for time is not important in the now. So let go of when and accept the moment, with love from your heart-soul to guide you into the arms of love and new life.

We of The Council of Love are ready to receive you with great anticipation as we will merge into one of eternal life with you in that glorious moment of Life recreated by you the people of Earth creating this momentous moment of transfiguration. “Soon”. So be patient in loving acceptance in the now moment of timelessness.

Jesus and

The Council of Love