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October 2016 Messages

Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Peace be with you. We are with you every moment of your life. We are the Divine Presence of you that gently guides you through the tangled web of human experience while you create a new way of being. As a result all life will be transformed throughout the universe.

We ask that you hang in there for a little while longer. Every act of every person is essential to this transformation. Yes, everyone without exception, even those you have judged to be the dregs of humanity. Please avoid judging others because in principle you are also judging yourself. This will take you further into self-isolation which leads to depression. Of course this is all part of the evolution process. Free will is so wonderful for whatever you choose to experience is perfect no matter what you choose. This is where judgement took away perfection and doubt crept in. this took away the fun to playfully dance through life in its perfection. Your choice, your free will, yet no matter what you choose it is just perfect anyway. Free will can be distorted by guilt. Let go and trust and then you have perfection in everything you do. Where love can blossom into love and peace is found in your perfection. You are God in a body, experiencing life. You are part of the eternal being at One with all in the tree of life.

The tree can be a symbol by which you can accept and understand the One of life. The tree stands tall rooted in the earth with its many branches and multiple leaves. As it moves through the seasons of life it is One, interdependent on the whole. It renews itself season by season. The tree is not in conflict with any part of itself because it lives in harmony with itself and has no regrets when the seasons call for change.

You are the Tree of Life Eternal, and are finding you way to remembering that you are One in eternal life, and so it is.

Michael, your friend

Archangel Michael


Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Trust in you. There is nothing more precious than self-trust. When you doubt yourself you can lose faith in yourself. Do you see how precious self-trust is for you, on your journey of discovery?

In these uncertain times it is most important for you to trust your own self, and that is the self of inner wisdom. It is your true self who will guide you with love and a sense of security that come from the quality of trust that comes from the quality of trust you give yourself. This leads to freedom of mind, and a mind that is in unison with the heart. It is harmonious in the moment of loving acceptance. Yes, a precious moment of self-trust in your divinity as a person of God.

Live in this trust in every moment of your life and find peace. Perceive only love in action, where your Divine Plan is unfolding. Imagine that you are seated in unconditional love, were you embrace all of creation in that love. Now you have peace of mind. Your world is seen in a new light. It is an ever evolving and expanding creation of human experience. You strive to bring about a completely new way of life, to become like Star Beings.

Yet right now in the eternal moment live in self-trust. Have faith in you as you accept your Divine Creation, while being very human. It is very important to be in touch with this physical state, while rediscovering your True Self in spirit at One with all. Meanwhile you are living in separation and differences of thought and ideas. It is these different ideas that lead to conflicts. Actually an idea is neither right nor wrong and has unlimited expansion as long as it stays as an idea, and not a belief.

Let your ideas flow in freedom and evolve as they wish. Try to maintain an open mind to the ideas of others. Even join into this new or unfamiliar idea and have fun with it. Life can be so much more fun when you have an open mind to the ideas of others. It is also important to have trust in you, as well as others. Open to the spirit of One, and find the freedom of life in you.

One with you,

Archangel Michael


Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016

Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Let love lead the way and trust in you. For you are precious people of light and wonder who are cumulating your creation. It is a pivotal point through love and acceptance. The whole of you as One in your unique individual self of expression, each person carrying on in their own personal way, even improper behaviour that is imperfect. You are formulating a Now Moment when it will all come together in a moment of bliss.

Every single individual has brought this into fruition by being just you. No one is more or less in this endeavour of recreation. Each person is being a perfect caricature in their part in this movement towards fulfillment and reality.

The Divine Presence that encompasses the whole of all that is, in this illusion of matter, is about to go through a metamorphosis. This holds every individual into a collective of one, yet unique as every wave in an ocean of one.

Such a lot to take in, yet it does not require mental understanding. It sits for each word in this message. This is a message of love and it carries a high frequency vibration that goes beyond the mind of ego. It sits well in the heart mind of loving acceptance. Yes let love lead the way to bring you home to you.

Love never judges. Love accepts everyone without exception. Yes, even the Donald trumps of this world. He, like you, is an essential part of the whole, and a wonderful challenge for your loving acceptance. This is one of the many gifts that help you accept yourself in your multiple facet of love.

Again let it be said that no individual is more or less. It is like a giant puzzle. Each piece is essential to the whole. They eventually all come together to create the big picture.

Love is the answer to everything.


Archangel Michael


Sunday Oct 23, 2016
Tony Bishop Channeling Archangel Michael

Living in the moment of Love

When this is your wish then it will be so. And all it takes is to truly love everyone and everything that life presents as perfect. For in the big picture life is perfect when seen with the eyes of love.

Be free in love where no doubt is present for to doubt yourself is to reject who you are and there is no fun in that. To love with joy in your heart is a freedom of mind where the mind is at peace and experiencing a joy filled life. Yes it is your wish so make your wish with heart felt strength of purpose now you are creating with the strength of mind that is seated in love.

Living in the moment of love that you are creating accepts all the worldly events, as a marvellous expression of love in action, where you have no doubt as to your intention. This is heart felt perfection of loving accept ion where every person is experiencing there unique expression of life in a body while slowly awakening to the inner presence of the Divine essence that they see reflected in everyone they encounter. This is the consciousness of One as heart and mind find peace in your creation as soul to soul you intermingle in a harmonious song of love where you see the perfection of life that goes past the world and past the earth into embracing the whole of creation in the One of life.

You are being called to look beyond the physical to the metaphysical by your divinely awakening self. The metaphysical is beyond what you see everyday yet is what you wish for, as you let go of the need to be physical. For now this is a wish that will eventually come into fruition in its own quiet time for life is eternal, and is unfolding in the evolution and expansion of eternal life in your magnificent creation in the one moment of now as all time becomes One in that moment.

The metaphysical is often called a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. Yet it is now being experienced by many as they meditate together as souls merging into One where fanciful imaging happens,  that for some people it would be difficult to believe. Trust in you and your metaphysical emerging for you are metamorphising into a more ethereal being marked by unusual delicacy or refinement. Just let it happen as you gently drift into this evolution of the ever evolving you as you rebirth into what has never been before.

Archangel Michael