Winnipeg, MB 

The  Santuary  'Network'

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   


Rose has been very active at The Sanctuary. Two events she facilitated are:


Spa Day For The Soul  


Evolutionary Discussion Circle

  • The focus was our personal and collective journey to build our inner strengths, share our gifts, and to develop Spiritual community.
  • Any person in the circle  could bring and share their inspiration of the moment on their particular evolutionary journey!
  • Barbara Mark Hubbard's writings were the source of many discussions.
Barbara Marx Hubbard is an Evolutionary Woman.

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Numerology Workshop

Life Path, Personality,Soul Number & Destiny 

Facilitated by:  Rose & Allan   

Description: It is important in these times to know who you are and where you are going.

Rose and Allan provided an understanding of personal Numerology.

For example: how to match the alphabet with the letters in your name, as well as your birth date.

Allan explained how to create your own basic profile, and then explore your Major Life Cycles, and your Challenges and Pinnacles.

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