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Terry LeDoux

Gem & Mineral Workshop

Workshop was about

Electra-Magnetic Frequencies And Minerals

Date: Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 2016

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Here is her invitation:

Come, spend the day with me and mineral vibrations. We will explore how stones can defer E.M.F's (elector-magnetic frequencies). We will also have a light lunch to prepare us for aligning and attuning the 7 major chakras using specific chakra exercises, stones and specific mineral oils. Once aligned and connected this will enhance your vibrations with that of the minerals, aiding abilities to work & heal not only self but others & animals. 

Other details: Cost $30.00 per person. Cushions,blankets and food provided. Let me know so I have an idea for the amount of food and handouts.

  Contact: Terry @ 204 233-1844 to register.


What is a Power Animal? 

Animal spirit guide, power animal & animal totem - in the western world these terms have been used interchangeably, but traditionally they have distinct meanings.

The power animal is not only an animal spirit guide but its distinction is the gift of amplifying/magnifying the insights/gifts you already possess.

 We may have more than one animal spirit guide but Terry's experience  is that we have One power animal. Terry will journey with the drum to find your power animal, retrieve it, and to give it back to you.

The insights and power potential available to you are entirely personal.  How much you honour and interact with your power animal will determine not only its power potential, but also your own safe journey.