Winnipeg, MB 

The  Santuary  'Network'

peace, harmony, and spiritual support!   

As people enter the room, they make their $10 donation in the bowl at the entrance.


It is a 'Sound Vibration' type of meditation.

Tony Reads His Message

Tony shares a channeled message he would have received that day, usually from Archangel Michael, but it could be from any number of entities.


He plays he gong when the others are playing the bowls. Then the sound vibrations from both resonate all cells of the body simultaneously in a most powerful and effective way.   

Tony  Playing the Gong


Karen Drumming

Karen begins to drum, and as others feel the beat, they join in. This is a time for bringing to the surface any dissonant emotions or anxious feelings from one’s day. The rhythm allows deeper feelings to emerge.

Jillian Playing the Bowls

The sound vibrations from the gong and the bowls

  •  reduces tension, releases energy blocks
  • stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.
  • clears the nerve endings and regenerates the parasympathetic system
  • breaks up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages.
Tony leads us in chanting  "om" or sometimes referred to as 'Aumming'. (Om is spelled Aum but pronounced Om.") This is where we can all express our own aspect of the universal sound. It is a good way to release those feelings and emotions which may have been agitated by the drumming; we can breathe and sound them out
In conclusion there is a period of Silence for personal meditation or contemplation. After the silence, there is an opportunity for 6 people to receive personal healing around the vortex.  Then there is a sharing time for all.

After this someone officially closes the circle.